SSH Server

An SSH (Secure Shell) server is a computer system that runs the SSH protocol and allows other computers to connect to it securely using the SSH client. The SSH protocol is a networking protocol that provides secure, encrypted communication between two systems over a network.

SSH servers are commonly used to allow remote access to a computer or network. They are typically used to connect to servers or other computers remotely, such as for administering a server or accessing resources on a network.

To connect to an SSH server, a user can use an SSH client, such as the “ssh” command in a terminal or a graphical SSH client like PuTTY. The user will need to authenticate themselves by providing a username and password, or by using a public key for authentication.

Once connected to the SSH server, the user can execute commands on the server and access resources on the server as if they were physically present at the server. This can be useful for performing tasks such as administering a server, transferring files between systems, and running programs remotely.

Overall, SSH servers are an important part of many modern networking environments, providing a secure way to remotely access and control servers and other resources.


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