How to Remote Desktop to Linux Servers using XRDP

XRDP is an open-source implementation of the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) server, which allows remote access to a graphical desktop environment on a Linux system. It enables users to connect to their Linux machines from Windows, macOS, or other Linux systems, and access the desktop environment, applications, and files as if they were sitting in front of the machine. XRDP is often used in enterprise environments where users need to remotely access their Linux workstations or servers from other devices. It is easy to install and configure and provides a secure and efficient way to manage remote desktop connections.

The following steps were teststed on AlmaLinux 8 & 9. They can also work on all other Red Hat derived flavours. For Ubuntu users, you may install XRDP using apt.

  1. Open a terminal windows on your Linux box.
  2. Install the EPEL repository by running the command below:
    # yum install epel-release
  3. Install XRDP by running the following command:
    # yum -y install xrdp
  4. Start and enable the XRDP service:
    # systemctl start xrdp
    # systemctl enable xrdp
  5. Configure the firewall to allow XRDP connections by running the following command:
    # firewall-cmd --add-port=3389/tcp --permanent
    # firewall-cmd --reload
  6. Now test the connection from windows Remote Desktop.


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