Steps on how to push a docker image to docker hub

Have you created a Docker image that you want everyone to have access to? Pushing a Docker image to Docker Hub is a straightforward process that involves tagging the image with your Docker Hub repository name and then using the docker push command to upload the image to Docker Hub. Here are the steps:

  1. Log in to Docker Hub: To push an image to Docker Hub, you need to have a Docker Hub account, You can sign up for an account on the Docker Hub website. Once you have an account, now you can log in to your local machine which is running docker, and login to docker hub by running the following command:
    # docker login

    You'll be prompted to enter your Docker Hub username and password.

  2. Tag the Docker image: To push an image to Docker Hub, you need to tag it with your Docker Hub repository name. The repository name is in the format /. For example, if your Docker Hub username is john and the repository name is myimage, you would tag the image as follows:
    # docker tag myimage:tagname john/myimage:tagname
    # docker tag myimage:tagname john/myimage:tagname

    You can also add a tag to the repository name to version the image. For example:

    # docker push john/myimage:v1
  3. Push the Docker image: Once you have tagged the image, you can push it to Docker Hub using the docker push command. For example, to push the image john/myimage:v1, you would run the following command:
    # docker push john/myimage:v1

    This will upload the Docker image to Docker Hub and make it available for others to download and use.

That's it! You have now pushed a Docker image to Docker Hub and made it available for others to download and use. Note that by default, Docker Hub repositories are public, meaning that anyone can see and download the images in your repositories. If you want to keep your images private, you can upgrade to a paid plan on Docker Hub.


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